City of DreamsNew Luxury Condo'sPre-Construction MadnessThe Dream Worth LivingWork, Live and PlayThe Art of LivingNew Jersey Kami-KaziLive it Up!Install shot at Shaheen Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 2007Instal shot at Gallery Fred, London Install shot at Gallery FRED, London
Very large drawings
These drawings were primarily made in 2007-2008. The larger format allowed me to focus less on the cat and leopards and more on the surrounding landscape in which they lived. At the point I was making these drawings, it seemed as if the world was building "New Luxury Condo's" at every street corner in every major city. What once was pure ghetto was now and gentrified paradise. So I really focused on the landscape during this confused point in history when a crack house was standing next to a $600,000 one bedroom condo. Airplanes used to fly around my neighborhood announcing "Grand Openings" And each Megaplex came with it's own inspirational titles such as "The Dream Worth Living" or "The Art of Living." So I used these as my titles. I am missing several jpegs of drawings in addition to these listed. Lost within the many moves I have made.