Artwork > Acrylic on Canvas 2010-2011 Tap to preview

Currently hung in the collection of Mark and Cindy Stockton.

This painting was inspired by a Bruegel painting called " Children's Games." I liked the composition of the painting so I copied it and updated the buildings from stone to wig and drug stores. And I changed the figures from kids to cats.
I had a lot of fun making this painting and again, I was inspired by truly pointless protest signs. There is also a giant worm in the background with a cat guy riding it. I was remembering that old movie DUNE, with Sting. Did he ride a giant worm in that movie? I would look it up on youtube but I am scared I might be wrong and the whole idea for a cat guy riding a worm would be lost.
Anyway, a lot of stream of consciousness happening here and a very fun painting!

John Jodzio
Cat People Games
Acrylic and collage on canvas
40 inches by 48 inches