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My aunt purchased the original painting on a home decorators website. The painting did not match the coloros correctly in her house. So she bought a new one and gave this one to me. After staring at the painting for a while, I decided to carve out an image of a wall and make it a "throw wall" which is a type of wall used by grafitti artists displaying massive amounts of tags all at once.I find myself more attracted to this idea of using appropriated imagery on appropriated canvas, leaving the entire process removed from any forced initial thought.
I wanted the cats to be parading though the streets at the very bottom of the canvas and have them carrying one of the fallen men through the streets. I see this occuring in many images from the middle east and I was reminded of the painting by Ensor when they are parading Jesus's body through the streets. This painting has nothing to do with Jesus.

John Jodzio
Acrylic on Appropriated Canvas
35 inches by 32.5 inches